Power of Two has a collaborative and high-performance environment where everyone is focused on improving long-term outcomes for children living in the most vulnerable communities in New York City. Our team is culturally sensitive, extensively trained, and representative of the communities we serve. At Power of Two we provide our team members with the support, resources and information they need to be successful.

Who We Are

Power of Two is a nonprofit organization that coaches parents to provide their babies with the best care possible, laying the foundation for success in school and life. Our program is among the most rigorously researched, promising long-term results for children. Power of Two launched in Brownsville, Brooklyn in 2015 and today, Power of Two has served over 600 families in Brownsville and over 900 children in foster care.

New York City’s most at-risk neighborhoods are marked by high rates of poverty along with other serious environmental stressors that lead to an increased risk for abuse and neglect and involvement in the child welfare system. Children who experience maltreatment are more likely to develop disorganized attachments and to have problems regulating their behavior and emotions. These negative outcomes are all associated with poor academic and social success years later. Power of Two intervenes to break this trajectory by using Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up (ABC), a home visiting program specifically designed to help high-risk caregivers engage in more sensitive, responsive interactions with their babies. By administering ABC, Power of Two helps families enhance their children’s sense of safety, security and long-term positive outcomes in school and in life.

Our long-term goal at Power of Two is to scale our community services beyond central Brooklyn to other neighborhoods in New York City with high rates of child poverty. Our goal in the coming 2 years is to launch in a second neighborhood in the South Bronx and you could play an integral role in that goal!

Career Opportunities

Communications and Development Associate

Parent Coach for Bronx & Brooklyn